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Why become a Key & Compass Expert?


Get free exposure for you and/or your research through Key & Compass social media. Share your work with Key & Compass members around the world and benefit from further exposure through their social networks.

Raise Research/Project Funds

Following the lecture, all members are sent a fund raising link and invited to donate to your research or project to advance knowledge in your field.

Raise Awareness

No doubt, you have spent a lot of time and energy gaining knowledge and expertise in your field. This is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and educate the public on a subject that is important to you.

Recognition & Generosity

Not only will your work be recognised by the wider public but also your generosity in sharing your time, knowledge and experience with the world.


If you would like to present in one of our Wednesday Night lectures, please fill in the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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