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Dr Emmanuel Oluwabusola
Exploring the Abyssal Plain for New Antimicrobial Agents

Emmanuel Tope Oluwabusola is an expert in the field of marine natural product chemistry and holds a senior position as a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen. His expertise is in the discovery, isolation, and structural elucidation of unique biologically active lead compounds from extreme microbes and marine invertebrates to treat a range of human diseases. In addition, he is interested in exploring promising quorum-sensing inhibitory molecules that can serve as an alternative therapeutic strategy to combat antimicrobial resistance mediated by biofilm formation  in bacteria-causing diseases.

In order to exploit more approaches to high-throughput screening methods in drug discovery in an industrial setting, he worked as an intern at the Fundacion Medina, Spain. Emmanuel is skilled in developing new methodologies for the chromatographic separation of natural product complex mixtures, including the structural characterization of pure molecules by LC-MS, NMR spectroscopy, and the use of quantum mechanics to determine compound stereochemistry.

Emmanuel is currently working on the MARBLES project, an European consortium, to discover novel bioactive small molecules against fish and crop pathogens.

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