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Dr Gustav Kuhn

Magic is an art form that allows us to experience the impossible. Magicians create these illusions by hijacking our brains, and manipulating what we see and think. Dr Gustav Kuhn will talk about his scientific research on magic and explain why our minds are so easily deceived. By combining magic and science he will illuminate why we miss seeing things that are right in front of our eyes and demonstrate ease with which magicians can influence the decisions you make.

Dr Gustav Kuhn is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Plymouth, where he directs MAGIC-lab. He is a member of the Magic Circle, the president of the Science of Magic Association and one of the leading researchers in the science of magic. Gustav has published more than 100 scientific articles, and two highly acclaimed books on the psychology of magic. He regularly features on TV, Radio, and in the Press and, besides his pioneering research, he is also an award-winning magician.

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