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Key & Compass removes barriers to the world of science & culture. It is a space for curious minds to listen to and engage with experts from around the world from the comfort of home. You'll be taken to the High Arctic, Amazonia and the Himalaya, explore the science of glaciers, deep sea discoveries and get an insight into cultural traditions from around the world, through visually impressive talks. Join us to open your mind, quench your thirst for knowledge and connect with a group of like-minded individuals who are just as passionate and curious as you.


Project objectives

1. Widen public access and engagement in science and culture by removing geographical and financial barriers;

2. Sensitise people to and help mitigate global challenges, by a) bringing seemingly distant (geographically and temporally) issues into people's homes and b) creating emotional connections to people and places through being part of a global community;

3. Inspire teenagers and young adults, giving them motivation and direction in their studies and early career paths and;

4. Challenge the "lab coat scientist" stereotype.

Objectives will be achieved by running free twice-monthly live online lectures on the subjects of science and culture and encouraging active engagement through Q&A. There will be a particular emphasis on science in the field. The project will be especially beneficial to people with mobility limitations or those who find themselves geographically and/or socially isolated.

After the lecture, participants are welcome to make a voluntary donation to the speaker's charity of choice. For the Spring 2024 season, these include: The International Red Cross, PAPYRUS, Afrinspire, Doctors without Borders and The Smile Train.

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Karina Spooner

Project Organiser

Hello, I am a former Geography teacher, specialising in geographical skills and fieldwork techniques. I have since moved to Sardinia, where I have opened a language school and enjoy teaching and family life with my two young daughters.

I passionately believe that teaching is a fundamental means to mitigate many of the global challenges we face. Behavioural change is at the heart of the solution, which can be accomplished through sharing knowledge and raising awareness. I strongly believe that barriers should not exist that inhibit this, hence this project will run online and free of charge.

I was fortunate enough to have had inspiring teachers and role models from secondary school through to university. I hope that the expert speakers will have the same influence of inspiring a younger generation and get them excited about the world and their place within it.

I can see the benefits this project can offer people with mobility limitations and those socially and/or geographically isolated. I hope you will enjoy being part of a global community, in which members are linked by our thirst for knowledge and our curiosity of the world.

I have neither the expertise nor repute to have an influencing voice so I will do my part by gathering those who do. I would like to thank the speakers for their generosity in sharing their time and expertise with us and hope that we can raise money for the charities they have chosen to support.

As a keen geographer and science enthusiast, I cannot wait to share with you the exciting and fascinating topics lined-up this season!!

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