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Dr Phil Porter
Extreme Science on the Climate Change Frontline!

In this presentation, Dr Phil Porter will detail some of the research he has undertaken in the frozen parts of our planet over the past thirty years, at extreme altitudes in the High Himalaya and extreme latitudes in the High Arctic. Although Phil’s research provides clear evidence of accelerating environmental change, the real challenges and the actions needed to respond to environmental issues lie very much closer to home. Despite relentless negative news reporting, Phil will discuss why there is reason to be optimistic about climate change and environmental issues and how we can all take actions, both collectively and individually, to ensure a brighter future for all.

Dr Phil Porter is a glacier scientist who, for the past thirty years, has led and participated in scientific expeditions to some of the last true wilderness areas on our planet, locations ranging from the frozen wastes of the High-Arctic to the high peaks of the Himalaya. Phil researches the response of glaciers to our rapidly changing climate and, in particular, the impacts of warming on meltwater production. With a sizeable proportion of the world’s population directly or indirectly dependent on snow and ice melt for their water resources, never has this subject been of greater significance.

As well as his work as a professional academic and research scientist, Phil jointly runs a geography tutoring company ( to help engage school pupils with the study of geography and support them to fulfil their potential and attain academic success! Phil also has interests in marine environments and associated environmental change, is a passionate scuba diver and underwater photographer and videographer and is a highly experienced Scuba Instructor.

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